Long awaited return   14.08.2020 at 20:00 GMT +3

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Incredible Atmosphere

Helios x1000 is a server where you can show yourself in PvP and PvE battles. It doesn't matter if you are a solo player or a clan player - you can upgrade your character according to your preferences and play in your style.

Dynamic Development

The server has great dynamics of development. The "Get Boost" button will always tell you what else you need to do to increase your power!

Catchy Battles

Become the best and be glorified! Get your place in the list of top players with the highest level and everyone will bow their head before you! Taking part in: regular Grand Olympiad (every Fri, Sat, Sun), weekly Siege, continued Events and varied Instances.

About The Game

What awaits you on L2Secs x1000? Quality assembly, maximum comfort from the game is guaranteed! Stable and long server employment! Sea of the fan, battles for the Raid Bosses! Qualitative support for players 24/7! Stability and uptime 99,9%!

So what are you waiting for ? Invite your friends to play and join us right now!

CCommunity Board

Private development

Tarot Lucky Game

Unique Tarot filled with the best in-game items

Newbie Instance

Here you can get a good boost in a few minutes

L2Secs x1000

It's already started!